Saturday, January 15, 2011


God knew what he was doing when he put aside a day of rest. I do my best to separate my work from my free time with family and friends. Tonight we had an oyster and chili roast at a friends home. It was another gathering of our 20's and 30's group we call The Well. Really great stuff. I guess every state has it's own traditions. In Maryland, we would have had a crab picking barbecue type of thing. Down here, the inclination was to keep the NCAA basketball on despite the NFL playoffs, and to start roasting and shucking some oysters. I was all aout trying something new, and I slurped down an oyster. Then I heard someone talk about how eating raw oysters can give you Hep B. Then someone else said, yea...Iknow a girl wih Hep B, she's had three liver transplants. To top it off, someone next to me found a small dead crab inside his oyster. He popped it in his mouth and said...'Hmmm, a little crunchy...'

That was it for me. One was enough.

But on the Christian front, I never knew that people gathered and had fun this way. All church folk. Christ followers. Did this kind of thing exist in Baltimore? If it did I certainly wasn't aware of it. Then again, I definitely wasn't seeking either. There were people at the party that had only lived in town for 6 months, and had found our gathering online...through FB...etc.Because it was a priority for them to surround themselves with fellow God seekers. I hope I can raise my son to be that kind of person. I was ignorant to it when I was in my 20's.

I don't have anything profound to blog about tonight. Suffice to say that I am feeling very blessed in all phases of life. I've got a healthy loving family, and I'm developing some strong friendships in Raleigh. Things are good. I'm very thankful.

I think about going to seminary a lot. One of the main hesitations I have is putting my family through a period of flux, when we're so close to long term financial stability. We've all sacrificed and worked hard to arrive at this place, and I feel I owe it to them to give a bit of stability. But man, I've been in a love affair with my faith the past three years. I hunger to learn more.

We'll see how things go at the Anglican 1000 in a week. Like JY3 said the other week, maybe I'll find that hanging out with a bunch of priests isn't really my thing. But I think it's going to be awesome.

Much love.

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