Monday, April 11, 2011


I have a 4 year old son. He is an incredible person. I know most parents will say that about their kids, but this guy is different. Really. He's beyond anything that I can take credit for. He was just born a good person. We never went through a terrible two phase with him. He's always been loving, attentive and well behaved. Very odd considering the genetics he's working with.

I wanted to memorialize something that happened yesterday. It happened fast and lasted about 10 seconds. But it was awesome.

We pray a lot in this house. Before meals, at night, in the morning before work. It really has become a rhythm of life around here, and I'm so freaking happy it's that way. My son will often pray for me at night, or say his own prayers, but it's often a procrastination tool or something that we'll prompt.

Yesterday however, I was smoking my pipe on our front porch after church. I was flipping through my iphone. Noah sat next to me on the steps. He said, "It's a beautiful day Dad."

I said, "Yea buddy it is!" I continued to distractedly play with my phone until I noticed his head was down in his hands. I thought maybe something flew into his eye. I looked down at him and he lifted his head up and said 'Amen."

I said, "Hey, were you saying a prayer?" He said "Yea, it's such a beautiful day." I said, "What did you pray?" He said..."oh, just nuthin..." (Meaning he didn't really want to talk about it.) I said, "You know, Daddy says prayers too when I'm thankful or happy." He said..."Me too Dad."

And then the conversation quickly turned to ninjas or something. And the moment was over just like that!
Pretty wonderfully awesome. He turned four last month. I'm crazy in love with him.