Sunday, March 6, 2011

Summa Theologica

I had a great day today. Sundays are by far my favorite day of the week. There is nothing better than singing in church and spending time with your community. I was also the reader today, standing in for a vestry member that couldn't do it. Talk about nerve racking! I can get up there and sing like it's nobody's business, not feeling a pang of nerves, but there was something about reading God's word that added some solemnity. Tonight we had our Well Leadership meeting. Awesome to be surrounded by young lay leaders in our Church. I wish that I had come to my senses in my twenties. For whatever reason, it wasn't meant to be. Anyway, by the time the day was done, I was so filled with God's love that I got online and ordered a book that I've wanted for some time.

Written from 1265-1274, the Summa Theologica is St. Thomas Aquinas' greatest work. Originally written for the "instruction of beginners," it has grown over time to be known as a must for Christians of all ages.  Organized systemically for the clearest way of "setting forth" the "sacred doctrine," Aquinas addresses many of Christianity's most pertinent questions. The First Part of the Summa begins with the existence and nature of God, before moving to creation and the nature of man. The Second Part contains his examination of morality and law; it also provides his account of the theological virtues, the cardinal virtues, and the seven deadly sins. The Third Part, uncompleted due to Aquinas' death, treats the incarnation and the sacraments. Taken together, the three parts compose one of the most impressive works of Christianity. 

Problem has been, that every time I've seen the collection, it's been too pricey. So I splurged a bit today. I found a hardback in 'very good' condition that was published in 1952. Should be perfect. I was on fire for Christ today, and it is going to be an awesome add to my growing library.

Well, I'm off to pray. I've really been trying to get back into a heavy prayer rotation. It's so easy to slip out of when life gets too 'busy'. I hope all of you are doing well. Much Love.