Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ash Wednesday Service

Today was a wild and crazy one. I was all over the place. Chief Judges chambers. Clerks office. Courtrooms. Meeting Clients at Starbucks. Funeral Homes. And finally Church Service.

I've got to be honest...I was a little bit disappointed with the service tonight. Maybe it was me, and my heart wasn't right. That is very possible. But here's my issue. 

Service on Wednesday night is special. The first night of Lent is special. I wish that there could be a better explanation about what it is that's going on. In everyday, common language...what is it all about? What is Lent, what is Ash Wednesday? If I wasn't an uber history nerd, I would have had no idea from that service why we were all getting ashes marked on our foreheads. No mention of the upcoming 40 days leading to the cross and resurrection. Sometimes priests seem to get lost in the prayer book, miss the forest for the trees by going on about abstract theological concepts. I want to hear the good news about Jesus Christ. Why is what He did a great thing for me?! I want to hear more about it! Is Ash Wednesday a time for solemnity, or a time for rejoicing?

Anyway, those were some of my reactions. Again, our Rector did a better job than I could ever have hoped to do in that role, and I am so covered with worldly filth by the end of my day...I don't know whether my reaction is due to my state of mind. Maybe a bit of both.

Well, I have to go get the kid in bed. Definitely need to pray on this one.