Friday, January 21, 2011

A Prayer

As I approach on my plane trip to Texas for the Anglican 100, I reflect on this prayer and find comfort in it. Of course it looks as if there will be a snow storm moving in as I board the plane, which will go great with my nerves. But I have to say, prayer over the past month has kept me pretty peaceful about the journey. I'm looking forward to the three days.

Teach me, O Lord, not to hold on to life too tightly.
Teach me to hold it lightly; not carelessly, but lightly, easily. 
Teach me to take it as a gift, to enjoy and cherish while I have it, 
and to let it go gracefully and thankfully when the time comes. 
The gift is great, but the Giver is greater still. 
Thou, O God, art the Giver and in thee is the Life that never dies.