Sunday, February 20, 2011

Awesome Day

Our little praise band did really well in church this morning. It was the HS all day long in that little chapel. It felt awesome. I went to bed barely able to sing the night before, prayed about it, had some tea, and in the morning I felt like my throat was completely healed. It was strong. Everyone performed incredibly. A great start to the day.

Then our little family found a home that we really like, and that I believe we will make an offer on this week. We will get the approval letter from our mortgage lady at BBT and also have some research come in from our realtor so we can craft a reasonable offer. I'm really stoked for this house.

I went into work for an hour and got my attorney life organized a bit. It went well. God had his hand all over the day today. I'm ready to diligently advocate for my clients tomorrow.

I came home and prepared the Reason For God study a bit. It's starting to come together. On Wednesday night we'll have the kickoff party with pizza and salad. We'll introduce the book a bit, talk about the Land of 100 Hills Coffee mission, the Raleigh Rescue Mission opportunities...and of course our church.

It's been a very busy couple weeks, but God has provided the time and space I've needed to get everything done. Life is a blessing and sometimes I feel that I'm getting much more than I deserve. And then I realize that I am getting much more than I deserve. And then I think of the free gift of the grace of Christ. And I remember how good is our God? Very very good.

Much Love