Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christian Brothers

Went out with 3 friends from Church tonight for dinner. It was pretty awesome. I spent way too much money, the Spanish owner was way too intrusive, but time with the fellas was well spent. It was authentic.

The four of us are in leadership positions of one sort or another at church and the topic was living an authentic life for Christ while dealing with everything else. There was some heated debate. It's great to have brothers who will call you out when you're being judgmental and cheer you on when you're doing it right.

I'm learning to look past peoples personalities and to focus more on their heart and motives. I used to be very judgmental. If I didn't like someone...that was it for them. If they rubbed me the wrong way, they were dead to me. Who needed to waste time with someone who didn't make a very good first impression? Pretty callous and superficial. Now I'm trying hard to get past peoples personality quirks, (because I'm perfect right?), and focus more on their heart. There are a lot of annoying, well intentioned people out there. Ha! But when you focus on their heart, their outward issues become less obvious.

Work was very challenging today. Christ showed up big time and in a big way. The more faith you have, the more miracles he performs. God loves when you go out on a limb with your faith. He rewards it. In the Bible, it seems that Jesus is most happy when people believe he can come through, (Matt 9:22, 9:29, 15:28, 21:21) and most distressed when they feel he can't. (John 11:40)

Well, this post is brief and light in theology, but I'm tired. Very blessed, but tired. Much love. Jess

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