Sunday, January 2, 2011

Getting Ready For Church

It can really be a challenge to set aside the worries of work on Sunday. I often feel the anxiety of a rough work week looming around the corner.

Prayer is helpful. I'm a huge fan of technology and I have found the following apps to be a great resource. (Lutheran) (Episcopal)

A great web site to use as a tool is: (Anglican)

Of course, those are all protestant and fitting with what I feel most aligns with God as he's revealed himself.

What can be frustrating for a proddy like me is that...the best prayer apps online and on itunes are Catholic. I used to listen to the Universalis and Divine Office apps, but there was just too much praying to the Virgin Mary. I can't feel comfortable focusing that much time on intercessory help when I've got a direct line to JC. But that's me. In terms of format and audio presentation, the Catholics are running the hi tech prayer market right now.

I'm part of the ACNA, and I think it would be imperative to ride the crest of technology when it comes to evangelism. The younger generations are all about staring at the computer screen, and there may be no better way to connect with them. I need to develop this...

Well, off to Church. One of my good friends is giving the sermon today. He boldly left our little Antioch to plant an Anglican church in the spiritual wasteland of LA. He's been an inspiration, so I'm looking forward to hearing from him.

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