Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Feeling a bit under the weather

We're all a tad bit under the weather tonight. My son has a solid fever that tylenol is having a hard time breaking. I hate when that happens. One of the most challenging aspects of parenting comes when you feel helpless to help your kids. Fevers scare me.

I've been battling a migraine like headache for a couple days. I'm giving up coffee. I probably should have cut down a bit before going cold turkey. I thought I could be a man about it and tuff it out, but it's kind of hard when you cant open your eyes all the way, and your stuck in trial. Woops.

My wife has me on a vegan diet this week. We're going through a cleanse. It's been two straight days of tasteless oatmeal and kale for breakfast. One more to go, and then we'll completely fast on Friday. I think the ole lady will have us on some sort of liquid program to flush it all out that day. I've been considering fasting every Friday. I think it would be a good spiritual exercise.

I've thought a bit about Calvinism. I feel like I'd have to classify myself as a Moderate Calvinist. I'll talk a it more about that tomorrow, but I have to admit, I've really been influenced by Norm Geisler's analysis.

On a worldly note, my wife and I have been approved for a nice loan for a new home. The bb&t lady said we had great credit. She is mailing us a copy of the report. Nice to hear. I remember calling my wife before we made this adventure to NC to let her know I had just gotten off the phone with a couple of my creditors. I told her that I knew we'd be buying a house together one day, and I wanted to get a head start cleaning up my life. That was five years ago now. My wife inspired a lot of positive changes in me. My credit score was just one of them. Encouraging God's active role in my life was another. I've cleaned up a lot of areas of my life since we met, and I'm continually inspired to be a better person because of my love for her...and they way God shows up when we're together.

Ok all, short and sweet tonight. Much love.

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