Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Well Reason For God Study

We had a great chat last night on Chapter Two, why does God allow such horrible suffering? Why doesn't he do away with evil? Some interesting points that arose:

1) Does evil exist and if not, is suffering simply a part of life? Maybe suffering isn't bad per se, maybe it just is. Can God exist if evil does not?
2) Christianity is the only world religion that has an interpersonal God who bore the same suffering that we do...and worse. This is a source of comfort.
3) Besides simply being a source of comfort, the cross has a deeper meaning. We all deserve that punishment. We all fall far short of the glory of God. Christ took the punishment for us, and by doing so has placed a cloak of righteousness over us so that we can be in right relationship with God.
4) If evil does exist, and God wanted to wipe it out completely, wouldn't he have to wipe out all of us too? If evil doesn't exist, but God does, and he wanted to wipe out suffering completely...wouldn't he have to get rid of all those who cause suffering? Wo would be left?

I think it was a good talk and I hope our small group got something out of it.

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